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Elizabeth is the fourth largest city in New Jersey, and was named one of "America's 50 Greenest Cities" by Popular Science in 2008. To let you get to know this city a little better, below are some of the neighborhoods located in Elizabeth, NJ...

Midtown: This is the main commercial district of Elizabeth, and is occasionally known as "Uptown". Home to many churches and old buildings, it is also the historic section of the city.

Bayway: Located in the western part of the city, Bayway has many ethnic restaurants, bars and stores. Houses are older, but well-maintained.

Elizabethport: A.K.A "The Ave" Elizabethport is the oldest place in the city, and is perhaps the most diverse. It is a collection of colonial-style houses and apartments.

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Elmora: Elmora Avenue is home to some of the best restaurants in town, along with many shops and boutiques. There are many luxurious high-rise buildings, making Elmora one of the greatest neighborhoods to live in according to realtors.

North Elizabeth: Recently rebuilt homes and a new multi-purpose community center, North Elizabeth features easy access via it's own NJ Transit Train Station to New York and Newark. North Elizabeth has many one and two family homes, as well as many well-kept apartments.

Peterstown: A.K.A "the berg", Peterstown is located in the southeast part of the city. Peterstown has clean, quiet streets, and contains the historic Union Square, which includes produce stands, meat markets, and fresh fish and poultry.

Westminster: Westminster has the city's largest residential estates, and the Elizabeth River running through it. Home to a new public school, in addition to the greenery and rolling hills in the area, make Westminster one of the finest city's systems and a beautiful space in which to live.

Now that you have had an introduction to some of the neighborhoods located in Elizabeth, go see for yourself what an incredible place Elizabeth, New Jersey is to live!

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